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Featured Sessions

Developing and Implementing Collaborative Learning Activities

Presenters: Julie Schrock, Steven Benko & Cece Tool
Time: Thursday, October 12

Collaborative learning has come to be a widely touted strategy in higher education classrooms.  Collaborative learning involves students participating in group oriented activities that require joint intellectual efforts by students and/or students and teachers.  Instructors may be unsure of how to develop and implement collaborative activities in their courses, particularly those who did not experience collaborative learning as students in higher education.  Instructors interested in implementing collaborative learning need to know:  What types of collaborative activities are appropriate for which instructional purposes?  How can collaborative activities be structured to help ensure equitable participation by group members? How can collaborative learning activities be implemented in time-efficient ways?  How can collaborative learning activities be assessed?  Participants in this workshop will engage in a variety of collaborative learning activities. Participants will leave with knowledge of a variety of collaborative learning techniques and the skills for implementing them successfully in their courses.

Creative Processes in the Elementary Classroom: An Introduction to Drama-Based Pedagogy

Presenter: Tamara Goldbogen – Distinguished Fellows Outstanding Presentation Award
Time: Friday, October 13

In this interactive workshop participants will learn about the Creative Processes in the Elementary Classroom course at Weber State University, engage in drama-based instruction activities, learn about strategies and materials for teaching drama-based pedagogy, and discover benefits of teaching drama-based pedagogy to elementary education students.

Creating a Learner Experience They Will Remember
What would Walt do?

Presenter: Christian Rogers
Time: Saturday, October 14

There are many ways to teach something and many tools that you can use to help you create and deliver it. There are websites, learning management systems, apps with multiple methods of communication, delivery of content, interactivity and ways to assess. Sometimes we have to step back and think like our learners. So, how do we do that? How do we create an experience that will inspire, challenge and entertain without giving up content? Using the process behind user experience (UX) and learning experience (LX) we will attempt to unlock the magic and appeal of Disney and translate what we learn into the creation of entertaining learning experiences. We’ll start with the story of bloated interfaces and boring delivery and engage in a group activity to redevelop a lesson that informs and entertains.

Student Success: Research and Classroom Implementation

Presenters: Allison Buskirk-Cohen, Elizabeth Carpenter & Aria Plants
Time: Saturday, October 14

Student success has become a hot topic on campuses across the country. Research on retention and persistence has included both systemic and individual factors. This workshop will focus on individual factors related to student success- particularly those that are learner-centered and fit with small, teaching-focused institutions. During Part 1 of this workshop, participants will review a research study investigating students’ sense of belonging, dispositional optimism, grit, and experiential learning styles. Participants will review questionnaires used in the study, and discuss potential applications for their own institutions. In part 2, participants will learn about several strategies implemented in a first-year college writing course designed to increase student engagement, success, and retention.  In addition to experiencing some of the strategies firsthand during this session, participants will also explore ways they, too, can use these strategies in their classrooms.