Present Practices and Background to Teaching and Learning at a College of the Royal University of Bhutan (RUB): A Pilot Study

Deki Gyamtso
Royal University of Bhutan

TW Maxwell
University of New England

In Bhutan relatively few studies at the higher education level have been done and fewer still reported in international journals. This pilot study highlights the present practices and culture of teaching and learning at one of the teacher education colleges of the Royal University of Bhutan (RUB). It looks broadly across the issues of teaching/learning practices and identifies ways forward in teaching and learning. It is largely qualitative research based on constructivist principles using the case study design. Multiple methods were used including lesson observations, focus group discussions, questionnaires and interviews to seek answers to the questions of this study. The study found that college lecturers’ behaviors varied between teacher-centered and learner-centered practices. Although lecturers were conversant with many of the concepts of learner-centered pedagogy, there were some grey areas in understanding notably in assessment and evaluation. Planning, implementation and assessment practices were only to some extent congruent with RUB policies and the present situation can be largely understood through a socio-historical analysis as well as the resource base to the teaching and learning approaches and academics’ knowledge and experiences.

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