Adjunct Professors’ Perception of Their Teaching Effectiveness

Paul Hanson
Neumann University

Fred Savitz
Neumann University

Ryan Savitz
Neumann University

Marisa Rauscher
Neumann University

This study examines the extent to which adjunct professors (a) perceived that they have applied six effective teaching principles (Ramsden, 2003), and (b) perceived that they have been educationally prepared to implement such principles. A purposeful sampling of adjunct professors was conducted. Relationships between whether or not the respondents had a professional teaching degree (bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree in education) and dependent variables (a) and (b) were addressed. Adjunct professors holding professional teaching degrees perceived that they implemented effective teaching principles to a statistically significantly greater extent than did their non-professional teaching degreed counterparts. Adjunct professors holding professional teaching degrees also perceived that they were better educationally prepared to implement effective teaching principles than were their peers without such degrees.

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