A STE[A]M Approach to Teaching and Learning

Susan Copeland
Clayton State University

Michelle Furlong
Clayton State University

Bram Boroson
Clayton State University

Since the advent of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) programs, first in K-12 and now in college curricula, many variants of STEM have arisen to include other disciplines in developing cross-disciplinary literacy among students. This paper briefly defines our own variant STE[A]M branch within the context of cross-disciplinary teaching and learning and then describes an interdisciplinary course, The Science in Science Fiction, in which professors of Biology, English, and Physics provided a range of science fiction texts which undergraduate and graduate students studied and discussed in depth. Students then produced and presented collaborative cross-disciplinary research on topics of their choice from the course work. Finally, students provided input on their experiences with collaborative cross-disciplinary teaching and learning. The overall effect was extremely positive. This article provides a framework for other faculty who would like to model this approach.

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