Experiences of the Teaching-Learning Environment and Approaches to Learning: Testing the Structure of the “Experiences of Teaching and Learning” Inventory in Relation to Earlier Analyses

Evangelia Karagiannopoulou
University of Ioannina

Fotios Milenos
University of Ioannina

This study examines the structure of the inventory, the second part of the Experiences of Teaching and Learning Questionnaire (ETLQ). Three hundred and sixty-four students participated in the study. To strengthen the validation of the ETL, the short version of Approaches to Learning included in the ETLQ was substituted by its widely-used, full-version Approaches and Study Skills Inventory for Students (ASSIST). Exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses tested the factor structure of the inventory. Twenty questions covered four factors: “Congruence and coherence in course organization,” “Teaching for understanding and encouraging learning,” “Support from other students,” and “Integrative learning and critical thinking”. Appropriate associations between these factors and (a) the subscales comprising the deep, surface, and strategic scales (b) acquired knowledge, generic skills, and (c) self-evaluation supported the validation of the instruments. The factors seem highly similar to those reported in previous studies and Cronbach coefficients were appropriate. The study suggests the ETL as a valuable instrument to be used across cultures and different contexts.

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