A Multi-Faceted and Practical Analysis of Online Courses at UHCL

Angela Kelling
University of Houston-Clear Lake

Shanta Goswami Varma

Nicholas J. Kelling
University of Houston-Clear Lake

Online courses are ubiquitous, but the research findings on student learning outcomes and opinions of these courses are mixed. Therefore, this research comprehensively investigated online courses at UHCL by analyzing them from the perspective of both user groups, students who consume the courses and faculty who deliver the courses. For this study, the examination was performed through questionnaires and archival data to achieve as complete a picture of online courses at the University of Houston-Clear Lake as possible. Face-to-face courses tended to be favored in terms of both student performance measures and faculty and student opinions. However, the advantages of online courses resulted in equality in terms of student preference to take and faculty effort to teach these courses. Suggestions for supporting online students are discussed.

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