TIPs as Texts: Community College Students’ Perceptions of Open Educational Resources

Mia Ocean
West Chester University

Carrie Thompson
Palm Beach State College

Keston Lyman
Millersville University of Pennsylvania

Robbie Allen
Palm Beach State College

Textbook prices have increased exponentially in recent years, prompting educators to investigate the usefulness of alternative sources for course readings. This is particularly important for community college students who are more likely to be low-income and less likely to complete their educational credentials. Despite this need, there is a dearth of literature investigating community college students’ experiences with open educational resources. Therefore, we deployed a primarily open-prompt survey to current community college students who were using Treatment Improvement Protocols (TIPs) as alternative textbooks or textbook supplements to gather their perceptions of this specific type of open educational resource. Students primarily viewed TIPs as better than traditional textbooks with the most common themes including relevance, free access, and ease of use. Students’ responses additionally revealed knowledge acquisition from the readings and the potential for a long-term connection to the professional resource.

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