The Impact of Teacher Self-Disclosure on Student Participation in the University English Language Classroom

Mohsine Jebbour
Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University

Fatima Mouaid
Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University

Previous studies have implemented a quantitative method to explore the relationship between teacher self-disclosure and student participation in the educational context, particularly in communication courses. In this study, a qualitative method in data collection and analysis is used to fill this methodological gap to observe whether teachers’ use of self-disclosures to explain the course content encourages student participation during the teaching-learning process in the university English language classroom in Morocco. Four teachers of English agreed to support this study by planning to include relevant self-disclosures in class. The research method for data collection is direct observations of undergraduate students in six English language courses in the department of English studies. Based on the results, this study suggests that teachers’ use of self-disclosures to explain the course material served as an effective instructional practice, without using questioning techniques or cold-calling, to motivate the learners to self-select turns to interact with their teacher and reciprocate their personal information while engaging in occasional laughter.

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