Group Work and Student Outcomes among First Year International Students

Luz Stenberg
University of Technology Sydney

The purpose of the study is to examine the effect of group work on student outcomes. The study explores the incorporation of group work in assessments for first year international students. Group work was primarily used in this study to enhance learning amongst international students in Australia. The study utilized multiple-choice questions answered individually and afterwards in groups which were mostly formed by the students themselves. The results of the study support the existing literature on the potential of group testing to enhance learning in a collaborative environment. The results of the study suggest that group work has a positive effect on students’ marks. That is, group members could have a positive impact on assessment marks where the group mark is significantly higher than a student’s individual mark for an assessment. The results also suggest that assessed group work has a significant positive effect on a student’s final exam mark, which in contrast to group assessment, is a closed-book individual assessment.

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