Co-Teaching in Higher Education: Mentoring as Faculty Development

Leslie Cordie
Auburn University

Xi Lin
East Carolina University

Tabitha Brecke
Auburn University

Michael Wooten
Auburn University

This paper develops the concept of mentoring through co-teaching as a framework for faculty development in higher education. Mentoring relationships provide an excellent method of improving growth and development of workers within virtually every profession. As a structure for professional development, a mentoring model centered on the concept of co-teaching can maximize instructional competency and scholarship for both faculty and graduate students in the higher education setting. Implementation of successful co-teaching strategies into the higher education mentoring environment requires consideration of several factors, including an understanding of the model, creation of a joint teaching plan, and ongoing development of a collaborative relationship. Creating learning through co-teaching experiences may enhance mentoring relationships, produce better faculty, enrich experiences for students, and empower all to become more effective and self-directed learners in the 21st century.

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