Analyzing Factors Influencing the Paragraph Organization in English Language Writing of Intermediate Students

Kamran Akhtar Siddiqui
Sukkur IBA University

Writing in English holds great importance throughout the world, especially when it comes to academic and professional excellence. Therefore, writing in English is given due status in Pakistan too. However, despite learning English for years, Pakistani students face difficulty in writing like other foreign language learners. One of the major issues in their writing is organization of ideas in a paragraph to convey the desired sense. The present qualitative study was, thus, conducted to analyze the factors that influence paragraph organization in the English language writing of students at the intermediate level. In this regard, semi-structured interviews were conducted from six participants belonging to different cities, and their writing samples were also collected and were later analyzed using a thematic analysis technique. The findings reveal that rote learning, more focus on grammar, and surface level feedback from teachers were the key factors at play. Hence, the students are unable to produce a well-organized text.

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