Developing a Culture of Assessment through a Self-formed Faculty Learning Community

Stephanie Schlitz
Bloomsburg University
( sschlitz@bloomu.edu)

Margaret O’Connor
Bloomsburg University

Yanhui Pang
Bloomsburg University

Deborah Stryker
Bloomsburg University

Stephen Markell
Bloomsburg University

Ethan Krupp
Bloomsburg University

Celina Byers
Bloomsburg University

Sheila Jones
Bloomsburg University

Alicia Redfern
Bloomsburg University

This article describes how a diverse, interdisciplinary team of faculty formed a topic-based faculty learning community. Following an introduction to faculty learning communities and a brief discussion of their benefit to faculty engaged in the process of adopting new technology, we explain how our team, through a competitive mini-grant application process and intensive training workshop, complemented by a series of follow-up training sessions, formed a faculty learning community that collectively adopted a web-based rubric model for performance evaluation, began implementing it, and, in doing so, developed a culture of assessment. We describe the web-based rubric software we adopted and provide short reports authored by seven members of the faculty learning community to exemplify how the implementation of web-based rubrics can enhance student performance, augment instructor evaluation of student performance, and facilitate outcomes assessment. The article includes a “lessons learned” section which synthesizes what we learned from the endeavor and emphasizes what we considered critical to the group’s success.

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