Volume 30, Number 2

Forthcoming Issue
Research Articles

Teaching Research Skills to Undergraduate Students Using an Active Learning Approach: A Proposed Model for Preparatory-year Students in Saudi Arabia
      Amani K Hamdan Alghamdi, University of Dammam
      Philline Deraney, University of Dammam

Postsecondary Online Students’ Preferences for Instructor Feedback
      Joseph Gredler, Walden University

“I don't have time to do any of the things I am responsible for” – University Teachers’ Sense of Responsibility for Teaching
      Kerstin Helker, RWTH Aachen University
      Marold Wosnitza, RWTH Aachen University
      Caroline Mansfield, Murdoch University
      Balthasar Eugster, University of Zurich

Overcoming the Challenges of Using Humor in Non-Native Instructional Discourse
      Gwendolyn M. Williams, Auburn University
      Rod E. Case , University of Nevada, Reno
      Erik D. Reinhart, University of Nevada, Reno

“Then What Am I Paying You For?” Student Attitudes Regarding Pre-Class Activities for the Flipped Classroom
      Lindsay Masland, Appalachian State University
      Simona Gizdarska, Appalachian State University

Listening to Undergraduate Peer Tutors: Roles, Relationships, and Challenges
      Sophia Abbot, Trinity University
      Anne Jumonville Graf, Trinity University
      Beverly Chatfield, Trinity University

Instructional Articles

Immersive Learning Environments as Complex Dynamic Systems
      Amy W. Cheney, Appalachian State University
      Krista P. Terry, Appalachian State University

Connected Classroom Initiative: Videoconferencing in the TESOL Classroom
      Elena Schmitt, Southern Connecticut State University
      Luke Eilderts, Southern Connecticut State University

Writing Across the Curriculum in ELT Training Courses: A Proposal Using Data-Driven Learning in Disciplinary Assignments
      Mariana Mussetta, Universidad Nacional de Villa María
      Andrea Vartalitis, Universidad Nacional de Villa María

First Impressions: Using a Flexible First Day Activity to Enhance Student Learning and Classroom Management
      Stephanie deLuse, Arizona State University

The Classroom as Think Tank: Small Groups, Authentic Exercises, and Instructional Scaffolding in an Advanced Writing Course
      Arlene Peltola, Long Island University

A Team-based ‘Public History’ Assessment for Undergraduates: Rationale, Design and Implementation in a Medieval History Course
      Kathleen B. Neal, Monash University
      Natasha Amendola, Monash University
      Samuel Baudinette, University of Chicago
      Diana Marie Jeske, Monash University
      Stephen J. Joyce, Monash University
      Rosa Martorana, Monash University
      Erin G. Smith, Monash University

Whistles, bells and riot gear? Testing out a transformative learning approach with Applied Social Studies undergraduates learning child protection at a university in England
      Debra Allnock, University of Bedfordshire

Effects of Service Learning on Concept Learning about Small Group Communication: A Case Study
      Eunkyong Yook, George Mason University

Marketing Meets Microbiology: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Liberal Arts Education
      Amiee Mellon, University of Montevallo
      Christine Sestero, University of Montevallo

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