Volume 31, Number 1

Forthcoming Issue
Research Articles

Can L2 Less-proficient Adult Learners Become Skilled Readers?
      Mei-Hui Chen, Shih Chien University Kaohsiung Campus

Peer-supported writing in graduate research courses: A mixed methods assessment
      Michael Lyman, Social Work and Gerontology
      Christopher Keyes, Shippensburg University

Making the Most of Online Discussion: A Retrospective Analysis
      Tracy Smith, Appalachian State University

Differentiated Impact of Flipped Instruction: When Would Flipped Instruction Work or Falter?
      Wenliang He, University of California, Irvine
      Amanda Holton, University of California, Irvine
      George Farkas, University of California, Irvine

Student Perceptions of the Influence of Choice, Ownership, and Voice in Learning and the Learning Environment
      Tilisa Thibodeaux, Lamar University

Beyond the Click: Rethinking Assessment of an Adult Professional Development MOOC
      Donna Ziegenfuss, University of Utah
      Cynthia Furse, University of Utah
      Edward Buendia, University of Washington, Bothell
      Eliot Sykes, University of Utah

Science Students’ Response to an Oral Communication Skills Development Initiative: Attitude and Motivation

Students’ academic self-efficacy in international master’s degree programmes in Finnish universities
      Kalypso Filippou, University of Turku

Evaluating Graduate Student Out-of-Class Learning: The Professional Field Trip
      Rebecca Achen, Illinois State University
      Clint Warren, Illinois State University
      Amanda Fazzari, Illinois State University
      Hannah Jorich, Illinois State University
      Kenneth Thorne, Illinois State University

Caring About Success: Students’ Perceptions of Professors’ Caring Matters More Than Grit
      Allison Buskirk-Cohen, Delaware Valley University
      Aria Plants, Delaware Valley University

Effects of Individual and Situational Characteristics on the use of Student-Centered Pedagogy in Calculus I
      Rachel Keller , Virginia Tech
      Estrella Johnson, Virginia Tech

A 360 degree view of online courses at UHCL
      Angela Kelling, University of Houston-Clear Lake
      Shanta Goswami Varma, UHCL
      Nicholas J. Kelling, University of Houston-Clear Lake

Instructional Articles

The Continuous Case Study: Designing a Unique Assessment of Student Learning
      Matthew Grimes, Radford University

Partnering for a Field-Based Residency: Challenges and Possibilities
      Josephine Sarvis, Dominican University
      Penny Silvers, Dominican University

Shifting Schemas: Perspectives and Practice in a Learner-Centered Course
      Tisha Duncan, Meredith College
      Rachel Redwine, Meredith College

Cohort Learning: Supporting Transdisciplinary Communication and Problem Solving Skills in Graduate STEM Researchers
      Megan O'Neill, New Jersey Institute of Technology
      Matthew Bandelt, New Jersey Institute of Technology
      Matthew Adams, New Jersey Institute of Technology
      Shawn Chester, New Jersey Institute of Technology
      Wenbo Cai, New Jersey Institute of Technology
      Siva Nadimpalli, New Jersey Institute of Technology

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