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Volume 17, Number 1

Past Issue
Research Articles

College Students' Goal Orientations and Achievement
      Rebecca A. Mattern, University of Delaware, United States

pp. 27–32

Self-Regulation in Academic Writing Tasks
      Lynne Hammann, Mansfield University, United States

pp. 15–26

Exploring the Theory?Practice Relationship in Educational Leadership Curriculum Through Metaphor
      Carol Mullen, University of South Florida, United States
      Bobbie Greenlee, University of South Florida, United States
      Darlene Bruner, University of South Florida, United States

pp. 1–14

Instructional Articles

Increasing Personal Cultural Awareness through Discussions with International Students
      Nancy Bodenhorn, Virginia Tech, United States
      Angela DeCarla Jackson, Virginia Tech, United States
      Rebecca Farrell, Virginia Tech, United States

pp. 63-68

An Educational Process for Developing Student Post-Graduate Mastery in Research, Theory and its Application
      Catharine C. Knight, The University of Akron, United States

pp. 69-74

Survey of 12 Strategies to Measure Teaching Effectiveness
      Ronald Berk, Johns Hopkins University, United States

pp. 48-62

Idea Generation, Networking, and Seed Money
      Keramat Poorsoltan, Frostburg State University, United States

pp. 42-47

Valuing Individual Differences Within Learning: From Face-to-Face to Online Experience
      Gordon Joyes, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom
      Paul Fritze, University of Melbourne, Australia

pp. 33-41

Reviewers for Volume 17, Number 1

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