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Volume 18, Number 1

Past Issue
Special Issue: Future Directions for Service Learning in Higher Education
Special Issue Introduction

Guest Editor's Introduction
      Dan Butin, Gettysburg College, United States

pp. 1–4

Research Articles

How Prevention Science Can Inform Service-Learning Research
      Keith Aronson, The Pennsylvania State University, United States

pp. 5–16

Learning Service or Service Learning: Enabling the Civic
      Marilynne Boyle-Baise, Indiana University, United States
      Rhondalynn Brown, Indiana University, United States
      Ming-Chu Hsu, Indiana University, United States
      Denisha Jones, Indiana University, United States
      Ambica Prakash, Univ. of Wisconsin-Stout, United States
      Michelle Rausch, Indiana University, United States
      Shelley Vitols, Indiana University, United States
      Zach Wahlquist, Indiana University, United States

pp. 17–26

Instructional Articles

Toward a New Framework of ?Server? and ?Served?: De(and Re)constructing Reciprocity in Service-Learning Pedagogy
      Sue Ellen Henry, Bucknell University, United States
      M. Lynn Breyfogle, Bucknell University, United States

pp. 27-35

From Revolution to Evolution: The Transition from Community Service Learning to Community Based Research
      Amy Lee DeBlasis, Cabrini College, United States

pp. 36-42

Incremental Integration: A Successful Service-Learning Strategy
      David Berle, University of Georgia Horticulture Department, United States

pp. 43-48

Transforming Communities: The Role of Service Learning in a Community Studies Course
      Katharine Kravetz, American University, United States

pp. 49-56

Disciplining Service-Learning: Institutionalization and the Case for Community Studies
      Dan Butin, Gettysburg College, United States

pp. 57-64

Reviewers for Volume 18, Number 1

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