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Volume 18, Number 2

Past Issue
Research Articles

Analyzing Differences Between Second and Third-year Cohorts in the Same Science Education Course
      Dr Peter Hudson, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

pp. 65–74

Spiritual Transformation in a Secular Context: A Qualitative Research Study of Transformational Learning in a Higher Education Setting
      Janet Groen, University of Calgary, Canada
      Jeffrey Jacob, University of Calgary, Canada

pp. 75–88

The Pedagogical Challenges Facing French Business Schools in the Implementation of E-learning Initiatives
      Peter Daly, EDHEC Business School, Lille-Nice, Gabon

pp. 89–96

?I Fight Poverty. I Work!? : Examining Discourses of Poverty and their Impact on Pre-Service Teachers
      Thalia Mulvihill, Ball State University, United States
      Raji Swaminathan, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, United States

pp. 97–111

Challenging Accepted Wisdom about the Place of Conceptions of Teaching in University Teaching Improvement
      Marcia Devlin, University of Melbourne, Australia

pp. 112–119

An Investigation into the Changes in Perceptions of and Attitudes Towards Learning English in a Malaysian College
      S. Chee Choy, Tunku Abdul Rahman College, Malaysia
      Salah Troudi, University Exeter, United Kingdom

pp. 120–130

Instructional Articles

The Benefits of Service Learning in a Down-Turned Economy
      Theodore Peters, Merrimack College, United States
      Mary Ann McHugh, Merrimack College, United States
      Patricia Sendall, Merrimack College, United States

pp. 131-141

Using the Case Method to Teach Online
      Stephanie Brooke, University of Phoenix, United States

pp. 142-149

"Does your dog bite?": Creating Good Questions for Online Discussions
      Cheri Toledo, Illinois State University, United States

pp. 150-154

Reviewers for Volume 18, Number 2 

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