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Volume 20, Number 2

Past Issue
Research Articles

Technology Lecturer Turned Technology Teacher
      Kerry Lee, University of Auckland, New Zealand

pp. 79–90

"Did I Just Share Too Much Information?" Results of a National Survey on Faculty Self-Disclosure
      Kevin Simpson, Concordia University, United States

pp. 91–97

Staff and Student Perceptions of Plagiarism and Cheating
      Jenny Wilkinson, Charles Sturt University, Australia

pp. 98–105

Photographic Images as an Interactive Online Teaching Technology: Creating Online Communities
      Beth Perry, Athabasca University, Canada
      Janice Dalton, Athabasca University, Canada
      Margaret Edwards, Athabasca University, Canada

pp. 106–115

From Face-to-Face to e-Mentoring: Does the "e" Add Any Value for Mentors?
      Celayne Heaton Shrestha, University of Sussex, United Kingdom
      Steve May, Kingston University, United Kingdom
      Palitha Edirisingha, University of Leicester, United Kingdom
      Tim Linsey, Kingston Universtiy, United Kingdom
      Linda Burke, Kingston University & St George's University of London, United Kingdom

pp. 116–124

Learner-Driven EFL Curriculum Development at the Classroom Level
      Saad Shawer, Washington State University, United States
      Deanna Gilmore, Washington State University, United States
      SusanRae Banks-Joseph, Washington State University, United States

pp. 125–143

The Positive Impact of Negative Emotions: Fear, Anxiety, Conflict and Resistance as Productive Forces in Academic Study and in the Emergence of Learner Autonomy
      Jaya Kannan, Metropolitan College of New York, United States
      John Laurence Miller, Westchester Institute for Human Development, United States

pp. 144–154

An Inter-Institutional Exploration of the Learning Approaches of Students Studying Accounting
      Marann Byrne, Dublin CIty University, Ireland
      Barbara Flood, Dublin City University, Ireland
      Pauline Willis, Dublin City University, Ireland

pp. 155–167

Assessing the Impact of a Year-Long Faculty Development Program on Faculty Approaches to Teaching
      Greg Light, Northwestern University, United States
      Susanna Calkins, Northwestern University, United States
      Melissa Luna, Northwestern University, United States
      Denise Drane, Northwestern University, United States

pp. 168–181

College Instructors Sense of Teaching and Collective Efficacy
      Helenrose Fives, Montclair State University, United States
      Lisa Looney, California State University, United States

pp. 182–191

Reflecting on How to Optimize Tertiary Student Learning
      Kathleen Tait, University of New England, Australia

pp. 192–197

Teacher Perceptions of Critical Thinking Among Students and its Influence on Higher Education
      S. Chee Choy, Tunku Abdul Rahman College, Malaysia
      Phaik Kin Cheah, Tunku Abdul Rahman College, Malaysia

pp. 198–206

Involving Adult Service Users with Learning Disability in the Training of Speech and Language Therapy Students
      Celia Harding., City University., United Kingdom

pp. 207–213

Teaching Policy Theory and its Application to Practice Using Long, Structured Case Studies: An Approach that Deeply Engages Undergraduate Students
      Christopher Walker, School of Social Sciences and International Studies, University of New South Wales, Australia

pp. 214–225

Toward a Summative System for the Assessment of Teaching Quality in Higher Education
      Dr. Timothy Murphy, National University of Ireland Galway, Ireland
      Iain MacLaren, National University of Ireland Galway, Ireland
      Sharon Flynn, National University of Ireland Galway, Ireland

pp. 226–236

E-Learning in Malaysia: Success Factors in Implementing E-Learning Program
      Chai Lee Goi, Curtin University of Technology, Malaysia
      Poh Yen Ng, Curtin University of Technology, Malaysia

pp. 237–246

Instructional Articles

Empowering Students to Think Deeply, Discuss Engagingly, and Write Definitively in the University Classroom
      Ann Singleton, Union University, United States
      Kenneth Newman, Union University, United States

pp. 247-250

Simplifying Podcasting
      Prachi Parashar Panday, University of Regina, Canada

pp. 251-261

An Intercultural Communication Event via Video Bridge: Bringing Russian and American Students Together
      Tammy Gregersen, University of Northern Iowa, United States
      Tanya Youdina, Herzen University, Other

pp. 262-266

Teaching Graduate Students in the Social Sciences Writing for Publication
      Robert Nolan, Oklahoma State University, United States
      Tonette Rocco, Florida International University, United States

pp. 267-273

How Service and Learning Came Together To Promote Cura Personalis
      Ann Wright, Canisius College, United States
      Nicki Calabrese, Canisius College, United States
      Julie Henry, Canisius College, United States

pp. 274-283

Students as Researchers: A Framework for Using Action Research Principles to Improve Instruction
      Linda Rose, University of California, Los Angeles, United States

pp. 284-291

Service Learning + New Master of Public Health Student = Challenges for the Professor
      Su-I Hou, University of Georgia, Athens, GA, United States

pp. 292-297

Learning to Teach the Creative Arts in Primary Schools Through Community Engagement
      Deirdre Russell-Bowie, University of Western Sydney, Australia

pp. 298-306

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