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Volume 20, Number 3

Past Issue
Research Articles

The Application of Differentiated Instruction in Postsecondary Environments: Benefits, Challenges, and Future Directions
      Tanya Santangelo, Rowan University, United States
      Carol Tomlinson, University of Virginia, United States

pp. 307–323

Validity and Reliability Issues of Two Learning Style Inventories in a Greek Sample: Kolb's Learning Style Inventory and Felder & Soloman's Index of Learning Styles
      Maria Platsidou, University of Macedonia, Greece
      Panayiota Metallidou, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

pp. 324–335

Pattern Language Development in the Preparation of Inclusive Educators
      Alan Bain, Charles Sturt University, Australia
      Julie Lancaster, Charles Sturt University, Australia
      Lucia Zundans, Charles Sturt University, Australia

pp. 336–349

The Relationship Between Feedback and Change in Tertiary Student Writing in the Disciplines
      Iris Vardi, Curtin University, Australia

pp. 350–361

An "Odd Couple" for Teaching Writing: The Tutorial Takes in the Committee Meeting
      Dugald Williamson, University of New England, Australia, Australia
      Russell McDougall, University of New England, Australia, Australia
      Donna Lee Brien, Central Queensland University, Australia

pp. 363–372

Instructors' Experiences of Collaborative Teaching: Building Something Bigger
      Jessica N. Lester, The University of Tennessee, United States
      Katherine R. Evans, The University of Tennessee, United States

pp. 373–382

Student Learning with Performance-Based, In-Class, and Learner-Centered Online Exams
      Katherine Greenberg, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, United States

pp. 383–393

"I Know It's So Good, But I Prefer Not To Use It": An Interpretive Investigation of Jordanian Preservice Elementary Teachers' Perspectives about Learning Biology through Inquiry
      Ahmad Qablan, The Hashemite University, Jordan
      Jamal Abu Al-Ruz, The Hashemite University, Jordan
      Debaz Theodora, The Hashemite University, Jordan
      Ibrahim Al-Momani, The University of Jordan, Jordan

pp. 394–403

The RAP: A Recreational Activities Project, Academic Service-Learning Course and Qualitative Research Study
      kathlyn parker, Eastern Michigan University, United States

pp. 404–412

Communities of Practice and Students’ Professional Development
      Catherine H. Monaghan, Cleveland State University, United States
      Norina L. Columbaro, Cleveland State University, United States

pp. 413–424

Instructional Articles

A Model For Quantifying Student Learning Via Repeated Writing Assignments and Discussions
      Thomas Lauer, Ball State University, United States
      Jon Hendrix, Ball State University, United States

pp. 425-437

Enhancing Graduate Education: Promoting a Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Through Mentoring
      Bahira Trask, Univ. of Delaware, United States
      Ramona marotz-bade, montana state, United States
      barbara settles, univ. of dealware, United States
      deborah gentry, illinois state, United States
      deborah berke, messiah college, United States

pp. 438-446

Towards a Sense-Making Pedagogy: Writing Activities in an Undergraduate Learning Theories Course
      David Holliway, Washington State University Tri-Cities, United States

pp. 447-461

Adapting Instruction To Individuals: Based on the Evidence, What Should It Mean?
      James Lalley, D'Youville College, United States
      J. Ronald Gentile, State University of New York at Buffalo, United States

pp. 462-475

Changing the Latitudes and Attitudes about Content Analysis Research
      Eve Brank, University of Florida, United States
      Kate Fox, University of Florida, United States
      Tasha Youstin, John Jay College of Criminal Justice -CUNY, United States
      Lee Boeppler, University of Florida, United States

pp. 476-480

Strategic Questions: A Means of Building Metacognitive Language
      Craig Deed, La Trobe University, Australia

pp. 481-487

Improving Writing with a PAL: Harnessing the Power of Peer Assisted Learning with the Reader's Assessment Rubrics
      Stephen G. McLeod, Jackson State University, United States
      Gavin C. Brown, Jackson State University, United States
      Preselfannie W. McDaniels, Jackson State University, United States
      Lawrence Sledge, Jackson State University, United States

pp. 488-502

Metaphorical Mirror: Reflecting on Our Personal Pursuits to Discover and Challenge Our Professional Teaching Practice Assumptions
      Gary Wagenheim, Simon Fraser University, Canada
      Robert Clark, California State University, Dominquez Hills, United States
      Alexander Crispo, Purdue University, United States

pp. 503-509

What's Not in the Syllabus: Faculty Role Modeling and Role Conflict in Immersion Service-Learning Courses
      Beth Warner, Elon University, United States
      Judith Esposito, Elon University, United States

pp. 510-517

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