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Volume 24, Number 1

Past Issue
Research Articles

Assigned Positions for In-Class Debates Influence Student Opinions
      Emily Lilly, Virginia Military Institute, United States

pp. 1–5

The Influence of International Service-Learning on Transcultural Self-Efficacy in Baccalaureate Nursing Graduates and their Subsequent Practice
      Roxanne Amerson, Clemson University, United States

pp. 6–15

The Impact of Faculty Teaching Practices on the Development of Students' Critical Thinking Skills
      Woo-jeong Shim, University of Michigan, United States
      Kelley Walczak, University of Wisconsin - Parkside, United States

pp. 16–30

Emotional Intelligence: A Stable Change?
      Marina Goroshit, Tel-Hai Academic College, Israel, Israel
      Meirav Hen, Tel-Hai Academic College, Israel, Israel

pp. 31–42

Assessing the Quality of Problems in Problem-Based Learning
      Nachamma Sockalingam, SIM University, Singapore
      Jerome Rotgans, National Institute of Education, Singapore
      Henk Schmidt, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands

pp. 43–51

Online Graduate Education: Developing Scholars through Asynchronous Discussion
      Randall Bowden, Texas A&M--Corpus Christi, United States

pp. 52–64

Present Practices and Background to Teaching and Learning at a College of the Royal University of Bhutan (RUB): A Pilot Study
      Deki Gyamtso, Royal University of Bhutan, Bhutan
      TW Maxwell, University of New England, Australia

pp. 65–75

Educating the Disagreeable Extravert: Narcissism, the Big Five Personality Traits, and Achievement Goal Orientation
      Joan Monahan Watson, Virginia Tech, United States

pp. 76–88

Instructional Articles

Interdisciplinary School Leadership Development for Pre-Service Graduate Students
      Elizabeth Holtzman, Rhode Island College, United States
      Thomas Dukes, Rhode Island College, United States
      Tyler Page, Rhode Island College, United States

pp. 89-94

The Other Side of the Coin: A Self-Study of Graduate Student Exposure to International Experiences of Inclusion
      Melissa Fleishman, Brock University, Canada

pp. 95-102

Advancing the Next Generation of Higher Education Scholars: An Examination of One Doctoral Classroom
      Caroline Turner, California State University, Sacramento, United States
      J. Luke Wood, San Diego State University, United States
      Yvonne Montoya, Arizona State University, United States
      Idara Essien Wood, Ashford University, United States
      Rebecca Neal, Arizona State University, United States
      Gabriel Escontrias Jr., Arizona State University, United States
      Aaron Coe, University of Phoenix, United States

pp. 103-112

Enhancing Student Engagement in Large, Non-Disciplinary First Year Survey Courses
      Annabelle Baldwin, Monash University, Australia
      Ernest Koh, Monash University, Australia

pp. 113-121

The Impact of Changes to Finance-Major Assessment Structures on Student Engagement and Success
      Michael Burrow, University of South Australia, Australia
      Ron P McIver, University of South Australia, Australia

pp. 122-127

Teaching International Relations to a Multicultural Classroom
      Julia Lau Bertrand, Georgetown University, United States
      Ji-Young Lee, American University, United States

pp. 128-133

Reviewers for Volume 24, Number 1

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