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Volume 25, Number 2

Past Issue
Research Articles

Teaching Through 10,000 Earthquakes: Constructive Practice for Instructors in a Post-Disaster Environment
      Sarah Wright, University of Canterbury , New Zealand
      Russell Wordsworth, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

pp. 144–153

Teaching and Learning with Clickers in Higher Education
      Emma Bojinova, Canisius College, United States
      James Oigara, Canisius College, United States

pp. 154–165

Meaningful Sustainability Learning: An Action Research Study of Sustainability Pedagogy in Two University Courses
      Heather Burns, Portland State University, United States

pp. 166–175

The Universality of Good Teaching: A Study of Descriptors Across Disciplines
      Jerry Samples, University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, United States
      Susan Copeland, Clayton State University, United States

pp. 176–188

The Value of Rewriting in Graduate Educator Preparatory Programs
      Phyllis Gimbel, Bridgewater State University, United States
      David Mills, Milton Public Schools, United States

pp. 189–199

More than Words: Probing the Terms Undergraduate Students Use to Describe Their Instructors
      Katharina Kendall, University of Tennessee, United States
      Elisabeth Schussler, University of Tennessee, United States

pp. 200–210

Reflective Journal Writing and the First-Year Experience
      Michele Everett, Coastal Carolina University, United States

pp. 213–222

Instructional Articles

Glocalization as an Alternative to Internationalization in Higher Education: Embedding Positive Glocal Learning Perspectives
      Fay Patel, Deakin University, Canada
      Hayley Lynch, Youth Support Counselling Service, Canada

pp. 223-230

Professional Development for Adjunct Teaching Faculty in a Research-Intensive University: Engagement in Scholarly Approaches to Teaching and Learning
      Andrea Webb, The University of British Columbia, Canada
      Tracy Wong, The University of BC, Canada
      Harry Hubball, The University of British Columbia, Canada

pp. 231-238

Higher Education and Nonprofit Community Collaboration: Innovative Teaching and Learning for Graduate Student Education
      Christopher Lucas, Bradley University, United States
      Nancy Sherman, Bradley, United States
      Cindy Fischer, Crittenton Centers, United States

pp. 239-247

Enhancing Critical and Reflective Thinking Skills Among Authoritarian Students
      Martha Henderson Hurley, The Citadel, United States
      David Hurley, The Citadel, United States

pp. 248-261

Development of Contemporary Leadership Capacity Through Teamwork in an Online Environment: A Pilot Study
      Ieva Stupans, University of New England, Australia

pp. 262-268

What Was Your Best Learning Experience? Our Story About Using Stories to Solve Instructional Problems
      Joanna Dunlap, University of Colorado Denver, United States
      Patrick Lowenthal, Boise State University, United States

pp. 269-274

Reviewers for Volume 25, Number 2

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