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Volume 26, Number 3

Past Issue
Research Articles

The Power of Peer Reviewing to Enhance Writing in Horticulture: Greenhouse Management
      Neil O . Anderson, University of Minnesota, Department of Horticultural Science, United States
      Pamela Flash, University of Minnesota, Center for Writing, United States

pp. 310–334

Empower ESL Writing Students: Keep it Simple
      Janet Francisco, Black Hawk College, United States

pp. 335–342

“The Course Fit Us”: Differentiated Instruction in the College Classroom
      Mary Dosch, Minnesota State University Moorhead, United States
      Margaret Zidon, University of North Dakota, United States

pp. 343–357

Student and Faculty Beliefs About Learning in Higher Education: Implications for Teaching
      Kristina Dandy, Georgia College, United States
      Karen Bendersky, Georgia College, United States

pp. 358–380

Using Student Choice to Increase Students’ Knowledge of Research Methodology, Improve Their Attitudes Toward Research, and Promote Acquisition of Professional Skills
      Christina Hardway, Merrimack College, United States
      Michael Stroud, Merrimack College, United States

pp. 381–392

Building Community of Inquiry and Analytical Skills in an Online History Course
      Sheri Stover, Wright State University, United States
      Sean Pollock, Wright State University, United States

pp. 393–403

The Impact of a Faculty Training Program on Teaching Conceptions and Strategies
      Adalet Gunersel, Temple University, United States
      Mary Etienne, Temple University, United States

pp. 404–413

Instructional Articles

Cultivating Design Thinking in Students Through Material Inquiry
      Helene Renard, Virginia Tech, United States

pp. 414-424

Lab Reports: A Concise Guide for Non-Native English Speakers
      Luxshmi Soundranayagam, Independent Researcher, India

pp. 425-435

Using Video Interaction Guidance to Develop Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Skills in Professional Training for Educational Psychologists
      Ben Hayes, University College London, United Kingdom
      Jessica Dewey, University College London, United Kingdom
      Michelle Sancho, University College London, United Kingdom

pp. 436-444

A Global Dialogue on Peace: Creating an International Learning Community through Social Media
      Tami Carmichael, University of North Dakota, United States
      Rebecca Norvang, American College of Norway, Norway

pp. 445-452

The “Outsider/Insider” Assignment: A Pedagogical Innovation for Teaching Cross-Cultural Understanding
      Angela Garcia, Bentley University, United States

pp. 453-462

The REEAL Model: A Framework for Faculty Training in Online Discussion Facilitation
      Laurie Bedford, Walden University, United States

pp. 463-472

Reviewing to Learn: Graduate Student Participation in the Professional Peer-Review Process to Improve Academic Writing Skills
      Jessica R. Chittum, Virginia Tech, United States
      Lauren H. Bryant, North Carolina State University, United States

pp. 473-484

Complex Constructivism: A Theoretical Model of Complexity and Cognition
      Peter Doolittle, Virginia Tech, United States

pp. 485-498

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