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Volume 27, Number 1

Past Issue
Research Articles

Students’ Appropriation, Rejection and Perceptions of Creativity in Reflective Journals
      Timothy S. O'Connell, Brock University, Canada
      Janet Dyment, University of Tasmania, Australia
      Heidi Smith, University of Tasmania, Australia

pp. 1–13

Innovations in Social Work Training: A Pilot Study of Interprofessional Collaboration Using Standardized Clients
      Mark Olson, Illinois State University, United States
      Melinda Lewis, University of West Florida, United States
      Paula Rappe, University of West Florida, United States
      Sandra Hartley, Pensacola State College, United States

pp. 14–24

Feeding Two Birds with One Scone? The Relationship between Teaching and Research for Graduate Students across the Disciplines
      Joanna Gilmore, University of Texas at Austin, United States
      Michelle Maher, University of South Carolina, United States
      David Lewis, Bilkent University, United States
      David Feldon, Utah State University, United States
      Briana Timmerman, Department of Biological Sciences, United States

pp. 25–41

An Examination of the Flipped Classroom Approach on College Student Academic Involvement
      Shelly McCallum, Saint Mary's University of Minnesota, United States
      Janel Schultz, Saint Mary's University of Minnesota, United States
      Kristen Sellke, Saint Mary's University of Minnesota, United States
      Jason Spartz, Saint Mary's University of Minnesota, United States

pp. 42–55

Effectiveness of Guided Peer Review of Student Essays in a Large Undergraduate Biology Course
      Lauren Kelly, Washington State University , United States

pp. 56–68

The Hybrid Advantage: Graduate Student Perspectives of Hybrid Education Courses
      Sarah A. Hall, Ashland University, United States
      Donna M. Villareal, Ashland University, United States

pp. 69–80

Navigating the First-Year Program: Exploring New Waters in a Faculty Learning Community
      Leslie Gordon, University of Georgia, United States
      Timothy Foutz, University of Georgia , United States

pp. 81–93

Cultural Capital in the Classroom: The Significance of Debriefing as a Pedagogical Tool in Simulation-based Learning
      Bedelia Richards, University of Richmond, United States

pp. 94–103

Reflective Writing through the Use of Guiding Questions
      Jase Moussa-Inaty, Zayed University, United Arab Emirates

pp. 104–113

Student Test Grades in College: A Study of Possible Predictors
      Frank Hammonds, Troy University, United States
      Gina Mariano, Troy University, United States

pp. 114–118

The Evaluation of Music Faculty in Higher Education: Current Practices
      Kelly Parkes, Virginia Tech, United States

pp. 119–129

Instructional Articles

Enhancing Undergraduate Students’ Research and Writing
      Angela Lumpkin , University of Kansas, United States

pp. 130-142

Developing an Experiential Learning Program: Milestones and Challenges
      M. Jill Austin, Middle Tennessee State University, United States
      Dianna Z. Rust, Middle Tennessee State University, United States

pp. 143-153

Enhancing Student Engagement and Active Learning through Just-in-Time Teaching and the use of PowerPoint
      Thomas Wanner, University of Adelaide, Australia

pp. 154-163

Reviewers for Volume 27, Number 1

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