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Volume 28, Number 2

Past Issue
Research Articles

Quantifying the Value of Service-Learning: A Comparison of Grade Achievement Between Service-Learning and Non-Service-Learning Students
      Shauna Brail, University of Toronto, Canada

pp. 148–157

Promoting Academic Socialization Through Service Learning Experiences
      Linda Behar-Horenstein, University of Florida, United States
      Nadine Isaac, GCSCORED Caribbean, United States
      Charisse N. Southwell, Broward County Public Schools, United States
      Michael Hudson-Vassell, Broward College, United States
      Lian Niu, University of Florida, United States
      Melissa Pratto, Alachua County Public Schools, United States
      Kellie W Roberts, University of Florida, United States
      Robert Wingfield, Boys Town Washington DC, United States
      Jeff Wolfgang, Xavier University of Louisiana, United States
      Mueen Zafar, Capital University of Science and Technology, United States

pp. 158–167

The Impact of Feedback as Formative Assessment on Student Performance
      Leanne Owen, Neumann University, United States

pp. 168–175

Developing a Teacher Identity: TAs’ Perspectives About Learning to Teach Inquiry-based Biology Labs
      Cara Gormally, Gallaudet University, United States

pp. 176–192

Faculty-Student Partnerships in Assessment
      Mariam Abdelmalak, New Valley College of Education, Assiut University, Egypt, Egypt

pp. 193–203

Active Learning Via Student Karaoke Videos
      Gary Grossman, University of Georgia, United States
      Travis Richards, University of Georgia, United States

pp. 204–217

Connection and Commitment: How Sense of Belonging and Classroom Community Influence Degree Persistence for African American Undergraduate Women
      Keonya Booker, College of Charleston, United States

pp. 218–229

Use of Open Educational Resources: How, Why and Why Not?
      Omer Faruk Islim, Ahi Evran University, Turkey
      Nergis A. Gurel Koybasi, Middle East Technical University, Turkey
      Kursat Cagiltay, Middle East Technical University, Turkey

pp. 230–240

Instructional Articles

Reflection for Learning: Teaching Reflective Practice at the Beginning of University Study
      Lynette Pretorius, Monash University, Australia
      Allie Ford, Monash University, Australia

pp. 241-253

Weaving Intergenerational Engagement into ESL Instruction: Case Study of a University-Based Program in Hong Kong
      Alan Lai, Beijing Normal University/Hong Kong Baptist University, United International College, China
      Matthew Kaplan, Department of Agricultural Economics, Sociology and Education The Pennsylvania State University, United States

pp. 254-264

Toward a Caring Curriculum: Can Occupational Therapy Be Taught in a Caring Context?
      James Battaglia, Hofstra University, United States

pp. 265-270

The Strategy Project: Promoting Self-Regulated Learning through an Authentic Assignment
      Hillary Steiner, Kennesaw State University, United States

pp. 271-282

Learning through the Variation Theory: A Case Study
      Eddie W.L. Cheng, The Hong Kong Institute of Education, Hong Kong

pp. 283-292

Creating Trans-Inclusive Schools: Introductory Activities that Enhance the Critical Consciousness of Future Educators
      Kris De Pedro , Chapman University , United States
      Christopher Jackson , Chapman University , United States
      Erin Campbell, Chapman University , United States
      Jade Gilley, Chapman University, United States
      Brock Ciarelli , Chapman University , United States

pp. 293-301

Reviewers for Volume 28, Number 2

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