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Volume 28, Number 3

Past Issue
Research Articles

Exploring the Relationship Between Student Engagement, Twitter, and a Learning Management System: A Study of Undergraduate Marketing Students
      David L. Williams, Dalton State College, United States
      Anita H Whiting, Clayton State University, United States

pp. 302–313

Perceived Culpability in Critical Multicultural Education: Understanding and Responding to Race Informed Guilt and Shame to Further Learning Outcomes Among White American College Students
      Fernando Estrada, Loyola Marymount University, USA, United States
      Geneva Matthews, Private practice, United States

pp. 314–325

Navigating the Use of Cogenerative Dialogues: Practical Considerations for Graduate Faculty
      Ginny Jones, Michigan State University, United States
      Chris Linder, University of Georgia, United States

pp. 326–334

Finding Relevance, Competence, and Enjoyment: The Development of Domain Identification and Interest in First-Year Science Majors
      Chloe Ruff, Gettysburg College, United States

pp. 335–346

What Happens When the Apprentice is the Master in a Cognitive Apprenticeship? The Experiences of Graduate Students Participating in Coursework and Fieldwork
      Bridget Lee, The Ohio State University, United States
      Stephanie Cawthon, The University of Texas at Austin, United States
      Kathryn Dawson, The University of Texas at Austin, United States

pp. 347–360

Exploring Students’ Experiences in First-Year Learning Communities From a Situated Learning Perspective
      Kerry Priest, Kansas State University, United States
      Donald Saucier, Kansas State University, United States
      Gregory Eiselein, Kansas State University, United States

pp. 361–371

Development of a Pedagogical Model to Help Engineering Faculty Design Interdisciplinary Curricula
      Maria Navarro, The University of Georgia, United States
      Timothy Foutz, University of Georgia, United States
      Kerri Patrick Singer, Ray International Group, China
      Sidney Thompson, The University of Georgia, United States

pp. 372–384

Effects of Web-Based Feedback on Students’ Learning
      Simone van Koll, University of Cologne, Germany
      Christian Rietz, University of Cologne, Germany

pp. 385–394

Six-Word Memoirs: A Content Analysis of First-Year Course Learning Outcomes
      Lisa M. Rubin, Kansas State University, United States

pp. 395–403

Teaching Gender: Australian First-Year University Student Views of “Ms.”
      Edgar Burns, La Trobe University, Australia
      Ian Tulloch, La Trobe University, Australia
      Ardel Shamsullah, La Trobe University, Australia

pp. 404–416

Incivility Between Students and Faculty in an Israeli College: A Description of the Phenomenon
      Dalit Yassour-Borochowitz, Emek Yezreel College, Israel
      Helena Desivilia, Emek Yezreel College, Israel

pp. 417–429

Students’ Knowledge Progression: Sustainable Learning in Higher Education
      Airi Rovio-Johansson, Gothenburg Research Institute University of Gothenburg Sweden, Sweden

pp. 430–442

Instructional Articles

Teaching and Learning Health Justice: Best Practices and Recommendations for Innovation
      Christy Rentmeester, Center for Health Policy & Ethics, Creighton University School of Medicine, United States

pp. 443-453

Oral History as an Innovative Language Teaching Technique for Spanish Heritage Language Learners
      Clara Burgo, Loyola University Chicago, United States

pp. 454-462

Effective Instruction for Engaging Culturally Diverse Students in Higher Education
      Lois Yamauchi, University of Hawai'i, United Kingdom
      Tracy Trevorrow, Chaminade University, United States
      Kazufumi Taira, University of Hawai'i, United States

pp. 463-473

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