Manuscript Submission (Part 1 of 3)

Submitting a manuscript to the International Journal on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education involves three basic steps, (a) entering the manuscript’s title and type, (b) entering the manuscript’s author information, and (c) uploading the manuscript file. Do not include the authors' names, affiliations, email addresses, and phone numbers on the manuscript’s title page. Author information will be obtained during the online submission process.

All submissions must be comprised of a single MSWord file.

Special Note 1: If you are using Word 2007 you MUST save your manuscript in "Word 97-2003" format before submitting your manuscript. DO NOT submit a manuscript with a "docx" extension. Submit manuscripts with a "doc" extension only.

Special Note 2: Manscripts must not include author information. Manuscripts that are submitted that contain author information will not be accepted.

Manuscript Title & Type
Manuscript Title:
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Manuscript Author(s)

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Manuscript Upload

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