International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
2020: Volume 32 Number 3
Reviewers for Issue 32(3)
Ali A. Abdi University of British Columbia
Alexandra Bell University of Connecticut
Emily Bovier SUNY Oswego
Susanna Calkins Northwestern University
David Coghlan University of Dublin
Kristina Collins Texas State University
Leslie Cramblet Alvarez University of Denver
Peter Daly EDHEC Business School
Denise DeGarmo Southern Illinois University
Giuliana Dettori ITD-CNR (Institute for Educational Technology)
Anna-May Edwards-Henry The University of the West Indies
Susan Epps East Tennessee State University
Alfred Farris Oxford College of Emory University
Donald Finn Regent University
William Flora East Tennessee State University
Lilia Gomez-Lanier University of Georgia
Carol Greene East Carolina University
Sylvia Henry University of the West Indies
Brian Higgins University of Kentucky College of Medicine
Angela Jaap Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
Diane Janes Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
Pamela Kiser Elon University
Alan Knowles MacEwan University
Rita Kumar University of Cincinnati
Colleen M. Kuusinen University of Massachusetts, Amherst
James Lane Columbia College
Stephen Daniel Looney Pennsylvania State University
Danielle Lusk Virginia Tech
Maung Thein Myint Civil Engineering Dept, New Mexico State University
Hyeri Park University of Georgia
Roshini Ramachandran, Ph.D. University of California Los Angeles
Lisa Rohde University of Nebraska - Lincoln
CindyAnn Rose-Redwood University of Victoria
Jacinta Saffold Association of American Colleges and Universities AAC&U
Eric Schuler American University
Laura Sujo-Montes Northern Arizona University
Connie M. Tang Stockton University
Krista Terry Appalachian State University
Daniela Truty Northeastern Illinois University
Sharon Valente University of Hawaii West Oahu
Elizabeth White University of Georgia
2020 - Research Article
Education and Career Skills Acquired During a Design Internship
Bender, D.
2020 - Research Article
Melo, A., Felicio, C., Ferreira, J., Noll, M.
2020 - Research Article
Faculty Preparation and Readiness for the Digital Professor: Challenges and Opportunities
Guilbaud, T., Martin, F., Polly, D.
2020 - Research Article
Exploring Meaningful Experiences Promoting the Development of Graduate Students’ Professionalism
Choi, J., Choi, I.
2020 - Research Article
Citizenship Behavior and Learner Engagement in Collaborative Learning: Exploring Dual Mediation with Emergent Leadership and Group Cohesion
Byun, J., Kang, S., Law, V., Jeon, S., Seo, Y.
2020 - Research Article
Examining the Benefits Associated with Implementing an Active Learning Classroom among Undergraduate Students
Allsop, J., Young, S., Nelson, E., Piatt, J., Knapp, D.
2020 - Research Article
Re-Operationalizing and Measuring “Impact” of a Leader Development Course
Hinck, J., Davis, S.
2020 - Instruction Article
Using an Applied Geophysical Imaging Course to Enhance Quantitative Reasoning and Problem Solving kills for Environmental Geography Students
Zume, J.
2020 - Instruction Article
A framework for student-instructor partnerships
Williams, D., Hurkett, C., Symons, S., Gretton, S., Harvey, C., Lock, P., Raine, D.
2020 - Instruction Article
Workshopping Essay Structure: A Hollywood-Inspired Classroom Model
Larsen, M.
2020 - Instruction Article
The Currency of Studenthood: Behavioral Economics in the Higher Education Classroom
Barton, A., Tweed, S., Chesley, C.
2020 - Instruction Article
Open versus Traditional Textbooks: A Comparison of Student Engagement and Performance
Chang, I.
2020 - Instruction Article
Prioritizing Ethics: Interdisciplinary Implementations of Principle-Based Ethics in Secondary Teacher Education
Marlatt, R., Korang, T.
2020 - Instruction Article
Ambiguous Terminology: A Challenge in Teaching Social Science Research Methods and Statistics
Talbott, M., Lee, J.
2020 - Instruction Article
Move, Think, Learn: Incorpoating Physical Activity into the College Classroom
Nicksic, H., Lindt, S., Miller, S.
2020 - Review Article
The A-Z of the PhD trajectory: a practical guide for a successful journey
Li, L.
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