International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
2022: Volume 33 Number 2
Reviewers for Issue 33(2)
Roger 1Daltrey Virginia Tech
Pete 1Townshend Virginia Tech
Norris Armstrong University of Georgia
Maria D. Avgerinou ACS Athens
Glenn Bowen Barry University
Chris Burkett Columbia College
Pete Cannell The Open University in Scotland
Sarah Marie Catalana Winthrop University
Amy Cheney Appalachian State University
Colin Chesley Daytona State College
Susan Clark Virginia Tech
David Coghlan University of Dublin
Jennifer Culhane Virginia Tech
Elizabeth Davis University of Georgia
Denise DeGarmo Southern Illinois University
Giuliana Dettori ITD-CNR (Institute for Educational Technology)
Terrence Doyle Ferris State University
Alfred Farris Oxford College of Emory University
Donald Finn Regent University
William Flora East Tennessee State University
Teresa Foulger Arizona State University
Tim Foutz University of Georgia
Adam Friedman Wake Forest University
Christopher Gearhart Tarleton State University
Rebecca Mattern Ghabour Wilmington University
Brian Higgins University of Kentucky College of Medicine
Erin Horan American University
Deyu Hu Virginia Tech
Dennis Humphrey Premier Academic Solutions
Angela Jaap Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
Tabitha Kidwell American University
Rita Kumar University of Cincinnati
James Lane Columbia College
Laura Levi Altstaedter East Carolina University
Stephen Daniel Looney Pennsylvania State University
Laura Lubin American University - Kogod School of Business, Online Programs
Danielle Lusk Virginia Tech
Bashar Malkawi James E. Rogers College of Law, University of Arizona
Gina Mariano University of Oregon
Michael McEwan University of Glasgow
Maung Thein Myint Civil Engineering Dept, New Mexico State University
Diane Nauffal Lebanese American University
Laura Ng University of North Georgia
Marion Palmer IADT, Dun Laoghaire
Hyeri Park University of Georgia
Lisa Rohde University of Nebraska - Lincoln
CindyAnn Rose-Redwood University of Victoria
Reuben Rose-Redwood University of Victoria
John Schramski University of Georgia
Eric Schuler American University
Keke Schuler Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress
Brian Stone Boise State University
Tilisa Thibodeaux Lamar University-Digital Learning and Leading
Amy R. Trawick
Sharon Valente University of Hawaii West Oahu
Carl Young North Carolina State University
Norhasni Zainal Abiddin Universiti Putra Malaysia
2022 - Research Article
Let’s take a break: The impact of physical activity on academic motivation
Young-Jones, A., McCain, J., Hart, B.
2022 - Research Article
Psychometric properties of the Student Course Engagement Questionnaire (SCEQ): Measuring engagement or missing the mark?
Masland, L., Ellis, J., Bergman, S.
2022 - Research Article
An Adapted Self-Determination Measure and College Student First-Year Achievement
Graham, M., Vaughan, A.
2022 - Research Article
Effects of Cultural Intelligence and Social Support on Adjustment of International Students in Higher Education
Li, G.
2022 - Research Article
Students’ discipline-specific perceptions of learning practices
Kunze, A., Rutherford, T.
2022 - Research Article
Trickle Down Engagement: Effects of Perceived Teacher and Student Engagement on Learning Outcomes
Saucier, D., Miller, S., Jones, T., Martens, A.
2022 - Research Article
Beyond Binaries: A Three-Sided Pedagogical Model for Classroom Debate
Ijaz, N., Sergeant, A.
2022 - Research Article
Assessments: the purpose versus the perception
Lowe, H.
2022 - Research Article
Are university faculty to blame for the prevalence of educational myths? A cross-sectional study of trainee teachers
Rogers, J., Cheung, A.
2022 - Research Article
Creating the Inclusive Higher Education Classroom: The Role of Attitude and Confidence Among University Faculty
Shine, D., Stefanou, C.
2022 - Research Article
Exploring Students' Choice of Theories as Tools in Problem-solving: A Pilot Study
Rovio-Johansson, A., Liff, R., Guzman, G.
2022 - Research Article
Reading in a New Age: How Do Students Read Assignment Prompts?
Horne, M.
2022 - Research Article
Demo: One More Thing
Townshend, P., Daltrey, R.
2022 - Instruction Article
Enhancing Student Social Work Practice Skills and Critical Thinking Through Podcast Production
Nicola, W.
2022 - Instruction Article
'Thinking Like a Clinician:' A Pedagogical Approach for Teaching Foundational Clinical Reasoning Skills in Pre-Profressional Undergraduate Anatomy
Anderson, M., Stamm, J., Hills-Meyer, P.
2022 - Instruction Article
Revisiting the Research-Teaching Nexus Framework: Two case studies introducing research into programme level, undergraduate teaching
Gretton, S., Harvey, C., Raine, D., Hurkett, C., Williams, D., Symons, S.
2022 - Instruction Article
Nurturing Cultural Humility and Responsiveness Through Restorative Pedagogy In Graduate Education
Abdou, A., De Pedro, K., De Anda, A., Merced, I., Mao, K.
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