International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
2022: Volume 33 Number 3
Reviewers for Issue 33(3)
Roger 1Daltrey Virginia Tech
Pete 1Townshend Virginia Tech
Deborah Abowitz Bucknell University
Emily Bovier SUNY Oswego
Susanna Calkins Northwestern University
Colin Chesley Daytona State College
Jessica Chittum Association of American Colleges and Universities
Susan Clark Virginia Tech
David Coghlan University of Dublin
Erin Colbert-White University of Puget Sound
Jennifer Culhane Virginia Tech
Terrence Doyle Ferris State University
Susan Epps East Tennessee State University
Alfred Farris Oxford College of Emory University
William Flora East Tennessee State University
Adam Friedman Wake Forest University
Gavin Frome American University
Christopher Gearhart Tarleton State University
Lilia Gomez-Lanier University of Georgia
Brian Higgins University of Kentucky College of Medicine
Mary Hill The University of Auckland
Randy Hollandsworth Piedmont College
Erin Horan American University
Deyu Hu Virginia Tech
Angela Jaap Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
Diane Janes Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
Heather Kanuka University of Alberta
Alan Knowles MacEwan University
Olabisi Kuboni University of the West Indies Open Campus
Lindsay Masland Appalachian State University
Michael McEwan University of Glasgow
Diane Nauffal Lebanese American University
Hyeri Park University of Georgia
Nicola Porter D?n Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design & Technology
Roshini Ramachandran, Ph.D. University of California Los Angeles
Lisa Rohde University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Laura Saret Oakton Community College
John Schramski University of Georgia
Keke Schuler Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress
Brian Stone Boise State University
Connie M. Tang Stockton University
Tilisa Thibodeaux Lamar University-Digital Learning and Leading
Veronica van Montfrans Virginia Tech
Jennifer Wong Emory University
2022 - Research Article
Faculty use of end-of-course evaluations
Pacheco Diaz, N., Walker, J., Rocconi, L., Morrow, J., Skolits, G., Osborne, J., Parlier, T.
2022 - Research Article
Students’ Reactions to a Student-Centered Learning Environment in Relation to Their Beliefs about Teaching and Learning
Lee, S., Branch, R.
2022 - Research Article
“Preparing future faculty to more inclusively teach autistic college students: Examining an inclusive teaching professional development course”
Nachman, B.
2022 - Research Article
Describing Confidence: Student-Identified Signals of Presenter Confidence
Smith, A., Schieber, D., Austin, T.
2022 - Research Article
Landing on Mars: a cross-institutional research-based seminar series
Kinch, K., Sølberg, J., Horgan, B., Adler, J., Hayes, A., Hurowitz, J., Rice, M.
2022 - Research Article
Impact of Reacting to the Past and Effect of Role on Student Attributes and Academic Outcomes
Bledsoe, R., Richardson, D.
2022 - Research Article
Direct Instruction and Assessment of Personal and Professional Skills Across Disciplines: Faculty Perspectives
Saunders, L., Bajjaly, S.
2022 - Research Article
A Theoretical Model of Peer Learning Incorporating Scaffolding Strategies
Chun, J., Cennamo, K.
2022 - Research Article
Giving students choice: Does the use of a flexible assessment weighting scheme result in better student performance?
Coyne, P., Woodruff, S.
2022 - Research Article
Development and Validation of A Formative Evaluation Instrument for College Teaching Improvement
Liu, R., Liu, X., Hutson, L.
2022 - Research Article
Utilizing Peer Tutors in Introductory Programming Education: An Exploratory Investigation
Crabtree, J., Zhang, X., Ray, D.
2022 - Research Article
Using the Flipped Classroom and Learning Diary to Enhance Learning in Higher Education – Students’ Experiences of Flipping the Basics of Law Course
Hyttinen, M., Suhonen, J.
2022 - Instruction Article
What the yurt: Round Teaching and Architecture as Pedagogy
Nolan, C.
2022 - Instruction Article
Doubling-Back—Using Curriculum Mapping, Alignment, and Formative Capstone Projects to Make a Good School Leadership Program Better
Gummerson, W., Guramatunhu-Mudiwa, P., Howard, B.
2022 - Instruction Article
Beyond the Discussion Board: Engaging Students in Asynchronous Online Activities
Kerrigan, J., Aghekyan, R.
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