All I Ever Needed to be a Faculty Member I Learned Teaching Prekindergarten

The responsibility for faculty to help students succeed is greater than ever, yet challenges in the diversity of learning needs of students has been growing exponentially. Many faculty members are experts in research and content knowledge, yet may not have had pedagogical training in how to best convey content to help students succeed. In addition, faculty are evaluated by students and administration, yet may not have access to support in the realm of teaching effectiveness (Oleson & Hora, 2014). The purpose of this interactive practice session is to share some teaching successes that have been helpful from “lessons learned” in various educational settings. Rooted in the theories of constructivism (Pass, 2004) and social learning theory (Bandura, 1971), teaching techniques, adjustments in practice, and assessment strategies (Carpenter et al., 2021; Hubball & Hubbard, 2006; Stieha, 2017; White, 2018) will be explored in this session to help faculty to succeed in the classroom, focus on student-centered learning, and help motivate students which will impact student retention in higher education settings.

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