Criteria for Submission

All proposals must contain the following information:


  1. Presentation Type: There are three types of presentations:
    • Interactive Teaching Sessions: Interactive teaching sessions are focused on sharing, modeling and discussing higher education teaching and learning, while allowing for interaction among session participants.
    • Academic Research Sessions: Academic research sessions focus on original research in which higher education teaching and learning methods, materials and characteristics are assessed and evaluated.
    • Academic Roundtable Sessions: Roundtable sessions are different than the traditional presentation formats as they allow for more extended and focused discussions on a particular topic. Facilitators should be prepared to engage participants in a dialogue on a topic related to teaching and learning. Roundtable sessions can be informal and flexible, but should allow for extended conversation amongst participants.
    • Poster Sessions: Poster sessions are focused on individualized sharing of teaching and learning methods and research addressing higher education teaching and learning.
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  2. Presentation Title: The presentation title should be descriptive and no longer than 100 characters in length, and written in upper and lower case.
  3. Presentation Abstract: The presentation abstract should be approximately 50-100 words in length and should provide an indication of the proposed presentation’s subject, content, and delivery method. This abstract will be printed and distributed to all conference attendees at the conference.
  4. Proposals should include the following sections:
    1. Objectives
    2. Audience
    3. Activities
    4. Description (including relevant literature)
    5. References
  5. Poster session proposals should use either the interactive or research proposal sections as indicated above.

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